PENSION SCAM ALERT Please be aware a ma…

Please be aware a man named JOHN HARRISON telephoned me today at 12-45 informing me he was acting on behalf of a company to check if I had any hidden charges on my Pension. This was due to government stating that all pensions could have hidden charges and that they must be declared.
He sounded very official gave me my full name telephone number address and other details.
He asked for my National Insurance Number, which company was in charge of my pension and the Policy Number/s.
I told him that I thought it was a SCAM, he tried to reassure me it was not by giving me different web sites to visit to verify all was ok.
Luckily I called his bluff hung up and contacted my Pension provider on a different telephone, they rang his number and it was a fake.
I have contacted the Fraud Squad and they are dealing with it.
Please please please warn all you Family, Friends and Neighbours. He used the name JOHN HARRISON and called from 01756 459636