Click here to support Samuels rainbow by Jodie Chiappa Thank you to the people who have already donated it means a lot to us as a family to do this for Tracey , a head stone is something that Tracey would like to give Samuel but unfortunately the funds have run out that is why I have set up this page I have barred Tracey from seeing this as we as a family would like to be able to surprise her once we reach the target , I did a bit of research and a headstone with Samuels details and hopefully picture will cost between £800 – £1200 if there is any money left over from the cost of the head stone we shall be donating it too a charity of the families choice …… Once again thanks to everyone who has donated so far xxxx love you Samuel 💔💔 xxxx

Click here to support Samuels rainbow by Jodie Chiappa

I’ve set up this page to help my big sister get a head stone her beautiful handsome son,my nephew Samuel Carroll deserves. Samuel had such special beautiful send off, but sadly all funds have now ran out to get him the headstone for his final resting place, Tracey doesn’t no about this page and…